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Case Study

Turned end-users into evangelists: Testingology has helped an education solutions provider in scaling and deploying their cloud based learning platform with near zero-defects and within timelines >>
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Testingology follows an integrated quality approach which works in coordination with the game development process itself towards ensuring top quality assurance.

Testingology is a leader in providing quality services encompassing every aspect of quality for the games industry. We follow an integrated quality approach which works in coordination with the development process itself towards ensuring the quality aspects of games.

Game testing unlike traditional testing is complex and unique in its requirements. A quality game works to the expectations of the players and also presents the appropriate challenges to make it interesting. It also meets all the performance criteria across platforms and is certified for different platforms on which it can be accessed without any compromise on security.

Usability and New Player Experience Testing: It is all about creating the playing environment and emulating how a player would typically play the game. This encompasses challenges for the players, sustaining interest levels and the understanding of the games by the players etc. >>

Functional Testing: Testingology specializes in functional testing of all game genres ensuring that they meet the original design objectives. It includes crash issues; games rule play issues, graphics issues and audio and text issues >>

Compliance Testing: Compliance testing uncovers any flawed hardware combinations that can hinder the game from functioning properly. It ensures technical and functional specification compliance and certification on different platforms >>

MMO Performance Testing: Addresses scaling of games to thousands of users at the same time and ensuring the security of the games from external attacks and vulnerabilities across different multi-player genres >>

Compatibility Testing: Ensure that the game runs on various hardware configurations and operating systems. It spans across platforms such as iPhone, iPod touch, Microsoft, Mac and  web-based games >>

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