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Testingology is an Independent Accelerated Testing company. We focus on end-to-end testing of software products, web applications and devices aimed at helping our customers succeed by enhancing and ensuring the quality of software in the shortest possible time >>
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White Paper:
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Considering CQA -
what should you be aware of?

Companies are constantly forced to think on how to reduce the development budgets, while increasing the returns on same or incremental investments. The big ticket item that concerns most software organizations are the support costs incurred, which needs to be brought down considerably. This essentially means improving quality without increasing the cost of quality. However, quality is looked at as an end-of-cycle activity and is performed many times by the development team itself. Many software organizations cite lack of budgets and time-to-market pressures towards not having a dedicated quality team or a quality partner. In this scenario, how do we ensure the quality of the software?

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