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Case Study

Turned end-users into evangelists: Testingology has helped an education solutions provider in scaling and deploying their cloud based learning platform with near zero-defects and within timelines >>
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Testingology's deep working knowledge of businesses like online education, edutainment and retail translates into greater value add for our customers.

Knowledge of the business areas is of paramount importance if testing has to deliver value to the customers. This is especially true in areas like Online Education, Edutainment and Retail. Some of the skills and expertise needed for a testing organization to be successful when it comes to these business areas are:

  • Testing skills

  • Domain knowledge

  • Technical expertise

  • Programming knowledge

Availability of these skills and expertise translates into greater value addition for the customer, stemming from the team's intrinsic understanding of the business impact, end user needs, work-flow and domain-based terminologies. This offers a distinct advantage by avoiding any chances of a misfit between the software features and the ultimate business needs.
The key business areas where Testingology's core strengths lie include:

Online Education: ensure learning effectiveness and usability of eLearning programs by following all the principles of online learning testing. This includes standards compliance and integration with best-of-breed systems allowing us to help customers predict learning outcomes >>

Edutainment: ensure usability of edutainment solutions while maintaining balance between education and entertainment >>

Retail: ensure connected enterprise and integrated supply chain ecosystem allowing consumers and end users to gain great retail experience irrespective of the channels used >>

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