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Turned end-users into evangelists: Testingology has helped an education solutions provider in scaling and deploying their cloud based learning platform with near zero-defects and within timelines >>
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10 key principles that we follow and ensure better software and faster QA for our customers.

The ten key principles that we follow while testing ensure better software and faster QA for our customers. These principles work in tandem with our IAT approach. They are:
  • We spend more time designing tests that can break the system and thus save time in running tests.

  • We are a technology-aware and domain-aware organization focused only on independent verification and validation.

  • We believe in risk-based testing, by which we achieve a higher degree of assurance of software performance.

  • We understand and differentiate between what testing can be automated and what needs to be manual for faster testing and realization of quality objectives.

  • We look at the relationship and interactions of the software and decide the type of testing that needs to be done to ensure quality.

  • We have years of experience in defining the testing scope and process, testing timelines and assembling the right team to perform the testing.

  • Availability of skill sets, understanding of various dimensions of testing, tool expertise and partnerships are the key differentiators of Testingology that resonate with our customers' business objectives.

  • We measure key metrics including test coverage increase, overall decrease in testing and development costs, time vs. defect graph, reduction in test execution times and improved probability of software quality.

  • We believe in positive ROI covering both tangibles and intangibles

  • We improve client delivery confidence while reducing rework costs via production level remediation.

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