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Case Study

Turned end-users into evangelists: Testingology has helped an education solutions provider in scaling and deploying their cloud based learning platform with near zero-defects and within timelines >>
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Achieve real savings in terms of time, effort
and costs by using our proprietary IAT approach!

  • How can we ensure faster time-to-market?

  • How can we ensure the quality of your software is the best in the industry?

These are two critical challenges that ought to be addressed effectively as they are directly linked to the success of the business.

Testingology's IAT addresses these two challenges – better and faster. We understand that about half the time spent on testing is not associated with detection of real problems. Our experience shows that most efforts in testing are the result of design and development errors as opposed to deployment and environment errors. Hence, real savings can be made by working with designers and developers early in the development cycle to understand the causes of wasted efforts and enhance the quality and intensity of testing.

With our IAT approach, and we profile the testing being performed and provide definite savings in the testing effort. This is done by optimizing the existing testing approach, prioritizing them and identifying savings in terms of time and effort. This helps our customers in achieving the goals of testing more effectively and, at the same time, reducing testing cost.
Some of the results achieved using our IAT approach are:
  • Reducing test efforts by 60% for an online learning services company

  • Lowering direct test costs by 40%, saving $350K on project costs for a software product company

  • Reducing test cases by 40% for an edutainment company

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